Look at it as an Object


Put the thought out in front of you and ask some questions about it. If it had a size, how big would it be? If it had a shape, what shape would it have? If it had a color, what color would it have? If it had speed, how fast would it go? If it had power, how much power would it have? If it had a surface tex ture, how would it feel to the touch? If it had an internal consistency, what would that be?

If after answering these questions the power of the thought is unabated, focus on your reactions to the thought-especially your judgments, predictions, negative emotions, or evaluations (e.g., “I don’t want that! I despise it!”). Hold those in your mind. Then pick a core reaction that seems central. Move the first thought to the side and place the core reaction in front of you. Now answer the same questions: If it had a size, how big would it be? And so forth.

After you’ve answered them all, peek back at the first thought. Is it the same size, shape, color, speed, power, texture, and consistency? Often you will find that it has changed in ways that give it less of an impact.