Stoned Quantic Desktop


Daydreaming with keywords sometimes take us to ask the oracle, and the response can be, in rare occasions, be saying exactly what we wanted to express without being able to.

The las week I realized, talking with a friend, that I had no idea how to explain in coherent words what I was understanding as the consequences of applying of systems thinking, neither I could explain what systems thinking is.

So if I can’t do that much less I could write a script to make an explanatory video.

On one hand, I was somehow frustrated because I have an almost irrational interest to show what I am seeing and I want to communicate it, but I don’t know how.

But at the same time I was thinking and working in
A dash,
Other fragmentation into tiles
That has an underlying structure
And also the direct message that
They agree, or so it seems to me,
With great similarity,
With the message of the article.

That music of chance
It does not bring things like the following article,
Who says I’ve been feeling it
Bordering the discipline almost haphazardly.


And these were the keywords:

systems thinking graphs database

When returning to the main list of results
And find the github repository,
I arrived again
Also being the case,
I wanted to go back to finish reading it,
Since the first time,
When you get to the first graph,
Being that almost In detail
The image of the relationship links you wanted
Show what I wanted to say
That I couldn’t continue.


A little bit later, inside the previously linked website:


And yet more random links






Many people are working in the exact same thing, a lot of laws are coming to encourage these kind of business, a lot of money is going to be taken from here. But it is a good thing, if we want to succeed we have, not only to have the solution and be able to explain the value and the oportunity, we have to build that future from the future.

Sync Co Image: Desktop tessera for sharing images: any person subscribed can change the image shown at any moment.

Async Co Music: We can also have collaboratibely edited playlist in Spotify per group, and we can play them whenever we want.

I have solved this a long time ago, around 14 years ago, we only need console based programs and one single SSH server with GNU screen installed.

Due to the academic level of the team, we could even create a languaje to interact with our quantum desktop tesselation with small inner jokes intertwined into it.

Let’s go co op: We can create a slack bot that can list the activities registered and allow each person to subscribe to them. The interface doesn’t need to be complicated at all, just the name of the activities and the slack handles of the people subscribed, like seen commonly in polls. As we have the slack handles, we could add another command to start a voice call, for example. Or we can do it manually too.

The degree of importance of a tessera grows when there is a voice call associated with the tessera activity. Or even more if there is a audio and video call.

What we can show. I think that what we have to do is to create more stories, not only one. As many stories as we can, and think to be global. We could use this quantum desktop tesselation or other complex and amazing things where the idea is not directly related with the business logic, but supporting it, in order to create a world wide narrative and movement. That is good press, isn’t?

We live in a time were we are flooded by information, and the sense of reality seems to be stablished, strongly agreed, personally or grouply universal and understood as part of our identity.

As a side effect, or as an implication, we are introducing faith in our discourses when some evidence, soft or strong, clashes with our current perception of reality, that we previously had to make a sign of ourselves in order to get a false sense of equilibrium.

Everything that we see, understand and know is a model. As such, with time or exposing ourselves to the right environment, we could find other models with subtle or radical differences in the way they explain or operate with the systems we interact with. Some could be always better, others worse, or have a tangible difference only under certain circumstances.

One important turnpoint is to understand that we can’t be right, thus fighting for it has no point.

Instead, we can always be less wrong, together.

Being right it is, or it is commonly perceived as, mutually exclusive: either you are or am I, either your group is or mine is. But not both.

We can think about having a multi monitor space / time schema in order to planify and execute tasks from different fields at the same time and be able to interact and manage interruptions. Mastering this skill requires certain parameters in the environment. Using this technique, each member of the team can plan and execute at the same time.

Tesselate our termina. Tilling window managers.

Let’s build a plugin for i3 and utilize geographic algorithms were the distance is a measure of productivity, and let the size and proximity of the windows be affected by that measure.

From the moment when two or more members of the team adquire this skill of tesselating their desktop grouping those tesseras by tasks, we can start thinking about sharing tesseras with other individuals or groups.

The books, from general to specific:

Thinking in Systems

The fith Discipline

Kanban From the Inside